Welcome to the UCSD Navs

The Navs are a community of students at the University of California, San Diego devoted to loving God and loving people.  We're here "To Know Christ and to Make Him Known!"

We strive to create an environment of grace that is transformed by the real working power of the good news that Jesus offers: New Life!

We would love to meet you!  All are welcome to come learn more about us!  Our large group community meets on Friday nights at 7pm (locations vary).

Check us out on Facebook and Twitter for the most current information.


The hub of Navigator activities occur at NavNight. Every Friday night we all come together for a night of fellowship, worship, teaching, and fun. This quarter we have been learning about parables and practicals.

Afterwards, we have special events called AfterNavs.

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After NavNight, we just can't stop hanging out so we all go out together to continue the fun. Past events have included movie nights, laser tag, ice cream sandwiches, and capture the flag.

Bible Study

The Navigators at UCSD place a high emphasis and importance on Bible study. We currently have many Bible studies meeting on a weekly basis scattered throughout the UCSD campus. The Navs at UCSD really desire to see every student involved with us become a part of a Bible study group to help facilitate their growth as a believer, as well as the growth of their community.

Too busy to commit to a Bible study group? Not sure about the whole Bible thing? Contact us!  We are devoted to helping you deepen your relationship with Christ and helping to inform those who are on the fence or just curious about the faith.

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Intermural Sport will be starting in Winter Quarter!


We have several retreats and trips throughout the year. Stay tuned!

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Our biggest conference is in the fall where we join with Navigators from all over the Sunland region. Coming up next is the Go Conference directed by our own Stephen Holecheck! Click for more information!

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What will you do Friday night?
Join us for our weekly large group meeting (we call it NavNight) as we spend some time in worship of God together.
Bible Study!
Weekly Bible Study
This quarter we are going through the Old Testament. In it we can see the Savior foreshadowed throughout its entirety.
Timothy Team
Reach UCSD and beyond!
Many Christians coming into college struggle with their faith, especially in the context of the college culture. Many also struggle with being able to share their faith with their friends around them, because of fear or not knowing what to say. The Navigators are here to help! Timothy Team is a Christ-centered group focused on helping you grow in your faith and share it with others through a very intense and challenging program that will aim to build the foundation of your relationship with God now, and for a lifetime.